Studio Infinity has access to some of the best Audio Engineers in the north-west.  When you book a session, an engineer is included to run the equipment.  Most other studios make you pay separately for the engineer.  Not us, we include it, free of charge!  You are also more than welcome to bring your own engineer to the session.

Jared and Brittney Palick

Jared and Brittney Palick are the founders and Owners of Studio Infinity Recording. Jared is a dedicated engineer, producer, trainer and musician. He and his wife perform together in the band Forgotten Charity. Brittney is a classically trained pianist. Since the age of 6 she has won numerous awards for her efforts on the ivory. She writes and performs music in numerous projects and as a studio musician.   Brittney ALSO teaches professional piano lessons at Infinity Recording.  Contact us for more details!

Joseph Woit

Musician of 10 years, Joseph Woit is an accomplished music performer and producer.  Joe has experience in all genres of music and can bring the best out of your songs.  His knack for detail and precision can help to produce top quality sounds and instrumentation. Joe is known for having a very easy going personality with an honesty that will be both helpful and insightful.


Matt is our freelance engineer and all-around professor of sound. Performing and recording for the Portland band Canoe, Matt has a keen ear for capturing the heart of a song and nurturing the creative influences of the recording session.